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HSC Result 2018 All Board.

HSC Result 2018 is an important part of each student life. After this result student can fix their goal. So this result is very important to them. HSC exam will start at 2nd April 2018.And HSC result will publish 23 July through education Board/ official website. 
hsc result 2018

How to Get HSC Result 2018 ?

HSC means Higher School Certificate. We know that students have to face many examinations. But HSC exam is the most vital part of each student life. So that many students and their guardians are worried about HSC result. But there is no reason to worry. Because our site will help you to get result quickly. 

There are many examine who can’t find their result quickly, who don’t know how to find result as soon as possible. Don’t be upset. Our site will help you. If you are worried about finding result quickly just read this article attentively. After reading this article you will be able to find your result quickly. So keep with us.

Method of Getting/Finding HSC Result 2018 :

Now I am going to tell you about the method of getting HSC result 2018 in detail below. In the age of the Internet now anybody are not waiting for the result of the college. Students can find their result in variety of ways. Such as: SSC Result 2018.
1.Students can find their result by VIA mobile SMS.
2.By via Online.
3.By Android APPS.
4.By EIIN Number.

How to get HSC Result 2018 by VIA Mobile SMS:

SMS system is one of the most popular way to find out any kind of result. This result also can be found by mobile via SMS.  Now I am going to tell you about checking HSC result 2018 by via mobile SMS in detail.

Method of Getting/Finding result by via SMS:

At first you have to go to your message option and need to type >>>> HSC (space) first three letters of Board name (space) Roll No (space) 2018 and send this message to 16222.
Example: If you are a examine of Dinajpur Board and your roll is 113960 you have to type:
HSC DIN 113960 2018. Send this message to 16222.

SMS Method for Technical Board:

For getting/finding result easily SMS system is one of the most popular system. Technical Board’s student can find their result by via SMS. Student need to type :HSC (space) TEC(space)Roll No(space)2018 and send this message to 16222.
Example: Are you a  HSC vocational student and your roll is 113960?Then type >>>> HSC TEC 113960 2018. You have to send this message to 16222. 

SMS method for Madrasah education Board:

It is very easy system to find result. Madrasah Board’s student can also find their result by this system. They need to type Alim(space)MAD(space)Roll(space)2018 and send it to 16222.

Example: If you are a student of Madrasah Board and your roll is 113960 you need to type: HSC MAD 113960 2018 and then send it to 16222.

SMS Method for Dinajpur Board:

At first you have to go to your message option and need to type >>>> HSC (space) first three letters of Board name (space) Roll No (space) 2018 and send this message to 16222.
Example: If you are a examine of Dinajpur Board and your roll is 113960 you have to type:
HSC DIN 113960 2018 and send this message to 16222.

How toFind/Get HSC result 2018 by via online:

In the age of the internet student are familiar with online. It is very easy way to find out any kind of result through online. So HSC exam result 2018 can also find out their result from online. Roll number, Registration number, Board name is enough to check result through online. Education Board and their Official Website control this matter.

Method of Finding out HSC Exam Result 2018 by Online:

1.Go to Education Board’s Official Website
2.Then you have to choose your Examination (HSC,ALIM etc)
3.You will need to select your exam year.(2018)
4.Select your Board Name.(DIN,RAJ,BAR etc).
5.Then type your Roll number and Registration number.
6.Fill up the captcha code.
7.Then you have to click (Submit) button for getting your HSC result 2018.
But many still get result late, many students can hardly find again. So if any of you can’t find out your result we will help you. Just visit our site.
২০১৮ সালের এইচ এস সি রেজাল্ট দ্রুত পেতে চান ?

ভিডিও টি দেখে নিন

How to get HSC result 2018 by Android Apps:

HSC examine 2018 can find their result by Android Mobile Apps. Many students have a smart phone. By using their phone they can find out their result. Just Download this “BD result official android app” from google play store. After downloading this app you have to install this. Then open your apps and type :

Examination, Education Board name, HSC Roll, Registration Number, Passing Year and then you have to click (submit) button.

How to Get HSC Result 2018 by EIIN Number:

By using EIIN Number HSC examine 2018 can find out their result. At this system you will get not only your own result but also you will get your college’s full result. At this method you have to select your Board Name and need to give your college EIIN number, then you will see your result.

If you need more information about HSC Result 2018, you can contact with us on Facebook page. We are ready to help you.

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HSC Result 2018 Bangladesh All Education Board।

HSC Exam is a vital part of each and every student life. Don’t we all think Life would have been a lot better without exam?  HSC Result 2017 will be published as soon as possible. But to fulfill our dreams we need to be well educated. So we have to face many exams in life in order to get success. 

Bangladesh ministry of education board is a self-directed association mostly accountable for holding HSC, HSC and SSC exams.  HSC Result 2018 Bangladesh will be published by Education Board of Bangladesh. It is also providing appreciation to the recently recognized non-government educational foundation and also for the management, direct and developments of those institutions. All the board exams also take place under the supervision of Bangladesh education board. 
Also education board has their own website where they publish the Result. But not many students have vest knowledge about how they can access the website and get their Result. This article is perfect for them. Because in this article they will find all the answers or information’s they are looking for. You don’t need to run door to door to get your HSC exam Result. After reading this article I am sure you will be able to find your Result by yourself. So read the full article below-
২০১৮ সালের এইচ. এসসি. রেজাল্ট দ্রুত পেতে চান !
এখানে দেখুন 

Details about HSC Result 2018 Bangladesh:

The most important objective for Education board is to conduct Board exam every year. Education board of Bangladesh typically conducts the Class 12th or HSC exams throughout the period of April to May. Every year lakhs of students sit for the HSC examinations in various exam test centers across the country. Latest rumors are that this year the education board will publish the Result of HSC exam 2018 in the month of July. 

We will notify you the accurate date and time of the HSC Result 2018 Bangladesh as soon as education board officially publishes the Result date. The board also publish the each student marks in subject wise ,name wise and grading system .The major aims of the Board shall be to present High School and Higher Secondary School Certificate and, for this reason award acknowledgment to the required figure of such schools in the region, 

to give individual concentration to the development of the secondary and higher secondary teaching so that it get together the compulsory needs and standards of financial and communal expansion, to make available sufficient conveniences for instructive and specialized progression of communally and educationally backward communities. By taking such steps and such actions can lead to logical, academic, physical and cultural growth of the student.
২০১৮ সালের এইচ এস সি রেজাল্ট দ্রুত পেতে চান ?
ভিডিও টি দেখে নিন

Previous year statistics of HSC Result:

Last year HSC Result wasn’t very pleasant for students as last year Entirety 68.91 percent students passed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent examinations throughout the country which was 5.79 percentage points lesser than the previous year. Only 33,242 examines attained Grade Point Average (GPA)-5.
last year which was 37,726. The passing rate also dropped for every respective board. The passing rate of comilla board was catastrophic. Only 49.52 percent students have passed the HSC exam. Check below to see the pass rate of respective board.

Board Name
Passing Rate

HSC Result 2018 All Education Board Bangladesh

How to get HSC Result 2018

Nowadays students don’t wait to get their Result from college. There are so many different ways by which you can dig up your HSC Result. Students don’t have to depend on any particular option. Stare at below to see the ways you can get your HSC Result-
  1. You can get your Result via online
  2. HSC Result 2018 through EIIN number  
  3. You can find out HSC Result by SMS 
  4.  Another option is Android apps

How to Check HSC Result Online

Online is the medium from where students can obtain their HSC Result 2018. You can find out your HSC Result 2018 from the online. It is very straightforward and flexible to hit upon the Result from the internet. You will be needed a computer or laptop and internet connection. The HSC Result 2018 BD will reachable at the corresponding day for all the education boards when Education board will make the Result available in their official website By visiting the official website of education board your can acquire your HSC Result. To make your work easier I have put an example below-
  1.  Go to the Official Website of Education Board 
  2. Then choose Your Examination (HSC/Alim/Equivalent) 
  3. Select Exam Year (2018) 
  4. Select Your Education Board. 
  5.  Type your “Roll Number on and Registration No” 
  6. Fill up the Captcha code. {9+5=14} 
  7. Hit it off the “Submit” Button to get your HSC Result 2018
But I think you all know that on the Result publishing say the education board website running slow. Sometime it gets stuck and takes a while to get a look of your HSC Result. In that case I have a solution for you also. You can visit our website to obtain your Result quickly and without any obstacle.

How to get HSC Result 2018 by SMS

You must to be familiar with how to get a hold of HSC Results via mobile through SMS. You can search out your HSC Result 2018 by SMS. It is trouble-free and cheap. I think it the easiest way to find out HSC Result 2018.  In this method or process you won’t require any internet connection at all. You just necessitate a SIM card and a mobile phone. You can use any sim card and the process to get HSC Result 2018 BD is similar for all operators. 
You will be charged approximately 2 tk per SMS.  To know further, make sure to read below to find out the procedure of getting the HSC Result 2018 via SMS system 

Go to your  Mobile massage part then type HSC “SPACE” BOARD “SPACE” your roll “SPACE” YEAR after that send it to 16222.

Suppose if you are a student of Rajshahi board and your HSC roll number is 126523. Now go to your mobile message box then type HSC RAJ 126523 2018 and then send it to 16222. You get an SMS few minutes later where you will able to see your HSC Result.

SMS System for ALIM Result 2018

 As I said it’s a much uncomplicated process to find out your HSC Result. To find out ALIM Result 2018 go after the instruction given below-
Go to message box and type ALIM (Space) MAD (Space) ROLL (Space) YEAR   and send to 16222  
Example: if you are an ALIM student and your roll is 125698, go to message option and type ALIM MAD 125698 2018 and send to 16222 to identify your ALIM Result.
N.B: in above instruction MAD is the code of Madrasa board

SMS method for HSC Result – Technical Board

To know SSC vocational Result 2018, get done with the successive equipment-
First go to message option of your mobile and then write HSC (Space) TEC (Space) ROLL (Space) YEAR and send to 16222  
Example: For HSC vocational student if your roll is 135823, unwrap your message selection and type HSC TEC 135823 2018 and send to 16222 to find out your HSC vocational Result.
Above TEC is the code of the technical board. The codes of all board-
Board Name
Dhaka board
Chittagong board
Comilla board
Sylhet board
Rajshahi board
Dinajpur Board
Jessore board
Barisal board

How to Get HSC Result 2018 by Android Apps:

Android apps is an additional different method to view your HSC Result 2018. Whichever person will be capable of receiving his/her HSC Result by this app. It’s a very straightforward formula.  At this modern age, approximately every student uses smartphones. So it is extremely easy & effortless for them to download the HSC Result 2018 app. You have to install this app. You will find this app in the Google Play Store and search “BD Result official android app” .Once you install the app, you can catch a glimpse at your HSC Result 2018 BD.

Get HSC Result 2018 via EIIN number:

There is another process to get your HSC Result through EIIN number. Students will able to find their HSC Result by using EIIN number. In the system students will be able to get the full Result shit of their college. You just need to select your board and give your college EIIN number and you will able to see your Result as well as your college full Result.

So don’t be hesitated if you have any question about HSC Result 2018 please comment on here or contact us on Facebook Page. We are ready to answer your question.